2016 Staura Cellars Chardonnay "7 Hour Lunch"

GOLD MEDAL WINNER - 90 Points! Flirty and fun while maintaining sophistication. This wine will make a Chardonnay lover out of thin air. It is the “go to” wine for so many of our clients – even those that didn’t think they liked Chardonnay. We did place this wine in new French Oak to pull the nuance that only new French oak can bring to a wine. This Chardonnay is sophisticated and fun while maintaining what Chardonnay was meant to be. We stopped the fermentation process to allow a balanced acidity without the buttery finish of so many other Chardonnays. This wine will take you on a journey down a wooded path with slight nose hints of oak and whispers of ponderosa pine needles and you may also experience the essence of Bartlett pear while you savor this wine.

Sip and savor and enjoy a "7 hour lunch" anytime.

$52.00 /750ml